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Company Profile

Osher was established in 2009 by Brian Musnitzky who believes that if there is a willing buyer and willing seller there is a deal to be done. The agent is responsible to bridge any gap in the process of concluding a deal. This applies both to sales and letting situations.

Brian Musnitzky has a passion for property and helping people solve their property needs.

"My vast experience in business has taught me to understand people and give the best advice even at the risk of losing an opportunity. With an honors degree in accountancy and experience in various businesses from manufacturing, and marketing to importing it was natural to develop a portfolio of deals in all aspects of real estate. The initial years I spent at a market-leading real estate company, gave me expert knowledge where I found my passion in this industry, especially facilitating developments to suit client specifications.” Brian Musnitzky

Today Osher has developed a team of agents with varied experience and specializations in, but not limited to, industrial property, commercial property, land development, and customised developments. Over the years, our agents have completed both large-scale and small-scale deals in both sales and rentals.

An exceptional code of ethical standards is instilled into the culture of our company to ensure quality and high-level performance.

If you are looking to buy, sell, rent, or lease in the greater Johannesburg area then why not give us a call? We are here to help.

Our Speciality

Osher specialises in Industrial and Commercial properties with an emphasis on the greater Johannesburg area. We collaborate with our network in all parts of South Africa to find solutions for our clients. Our services include all manner of property transactions including: